Architectural Glazing

BWAY Glazing Systems revolutionize architectural possibilities, offering SLIM PRO curtain wall solutions that blend minimalist design with structural prowess. Engineered for adaptability, customization, and advanced features, our aluminum and glass trading includes weatherproofing, thermal efficiency, and superior sound insulation. Elevate your projects with precision, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

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Slim Pro by BWAY Glazing Systems Elevate spaces with minimalist design, maximizing natural
light and structural integrity for seamless form and function.

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Slim Pro

BWAY's innovative system merges sleek design, structural integrity, and advanced features for modern architectural excellence.
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Twin Pro

Cutting-edge curtain wall solutions, marrying sleek design with structural strength for modern architectural excellence
Rosette could be customized according to aluminum profile of door frame.
The color of door stopper can match as the surface of door or aluminum profile.
Hinge color harmonizes seamlessly with matching aluminum profile aesthetics.
Customize rosette to complement the door frame's aluminum profile beautifully.
Upgrade your space discreetly with a magnetic latch featuring concealed screws, ensuring a seamless and polished appearance.
Coordinate door frame elegance: Handles and rosettes perfectly match the aluminum profile color scheme.
The color of hinge can match as aluminum profile.
Available for glass door without aluminum profile in sash.

Curtain Wall Products

Elevate your architectural vision with our high-performance curtain wall system, seamlessly
integrating exterior glazing for a striking, functional, and energy-efficient design.

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25mm Series-2550 S

Precision and style converge in the 25mm Series-2550 S, offering architectural excellence with unparalleled attention to detail.
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25mm Series-25100 S

Architectural finesse defines the 25mm Series-25100 S, where innovative design meets structural integrity for striking building solutions.
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25mm Series-25150 S

Unrivaled elegance characterizes the 25mm Series-25150 S, combining aesthetics with superior functionality for sophisticated and modern architectural projects.

SlimPro-Curtain Wall Series

  1. SlimPro- 50SA
  2. SlimPro- 50SB
  3. SlimPro- 50SC
  1. SlimPro- 100SA
  2. SlimPro- 100SB
  3. SlimPro- 100SC
  1. SlimPro- 150SA
  2. SlimPro- 150SB
  3. SlimPro- 150SC
  1. SlimPro- 200SA
  2. SlimPro- 200SB
  3. SlimPro- 200SC

Precision-engineered slim aluminum profiles, combining elegance with strength. Ideal for modern
architectural solutions, offering versatility and performance in construction projects.

35 mm Series

Precision meets durability in our 35mm Twin Pro series for robust construction solutions.

27 mm Series

The 27mm Twin Pro series combines strength and style for a seamless blend of form and function.

25 mm Series

Sleek and versatile, the 25mm Twin Pro series offers modern aesthetics for architectural excellence.

16 mm Series

Unparalleled finesse defines the 16mm Twin Pro series, ideal for sophisticated and minimalist designs.

Slim Door Accessories

Elevate your doors with Slim Door Accessories, offering a sleek range of stylish and functional
products for a modern and sophisticated touch to your living spaces.

Slim Floor

Elevate interiors with our Slim Floor Machine, a discreet solution for smooth and space-efficient door operation.

Slim Pro Hinges

Upgrade your doors with Slim Pro Hinges, combining strength and aesthetics for a sleek, contemporary look.

Swing Door Fittings

Experience effortless door movement with our Swing Door Fittings, blending functionality and style seamlessly.

Slim Window Frame

Enhance your view with our Window Frame, a durable and elegant solution for framing and accentuating your windows.

Lock with Magnetic Strap

Secure in style with our Lock featuring a Magnetic Strap, a sophisticated solution for modern door security.

Slim Wall Mount Hook

Maximize space organization with our Wall Mount Hook, a sleek accessory offering both utility and elegance.


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